Flame Bowerbird, A Stunning Bird With Crimson And Vibrant Orange Plumage

The flame bowerbird is such an outstanding bird. Put on a gorgeous coat of crimson and vibrant orange, these bowerbirds become conspicuous whenever they are.

These stunning creatures have a crimson head and neck. Meanwhile, their back and belly are colored with vibrant orange. Some black feathers on the wings and tail also make this bird stand out from the crowd.

Many people say that this bird’s plumage is like a riot of sunset colors. Do you agree?
Its eyes are equally hypnotic, too. They’re bright orange.

The flame bowerbird is endemic to Papua New Guinea. It inhabits the rainforests. But it can be also found in eucalyptus, and acacia forest, and shrublands.

This species feeds on fruit and insects.

When the mating season begins, male bowerbirds build complex bowers to attract male birds.
Female birds watch the displays of the males and choose their mates.

After finding their mates, female birds build their nests to lay eggs. This nest is made from soft materials such as leaves, ferns, and vine tendrils. They then incubate their egg for around 19 – 24 days.

You can watch the video of this striking bird below.

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