Meet Northern Red Bishop, An Outstanding Bird With Brightly Orange To Red Plumage

The Northern red bishop is an eye-piercing bird. This little bird wears a striking red coat with an ink-black sash, making it stand out from the crowd.

As you can see, the back and neck of these bishop birds are brightly orange to red. Meanwhile, its head and belly are covered with dark black, creating a striking contrast for this species.

There are some brown feathers on their wings and tail. The trio of orange-red, black, and brown combines so well and gives this bird a gorgeous “one-of-its-kind” jacket.

Unlike male red bishops (described above), female birds have brown and white feathers that make them a bit like sparrows.

The Northern red bishop is a small stunning passerine bird belonging to the family Plocidae.

It can be found in many parts of northern Africa, all the way from Liberia, down to the Ivory Coast, and across to Kenya.

This bird inhabits grasslands or cultivated areas with nearby water resources and marshes.

This species feeds on grass seeds but they also eat insects and a variety of other vegetation.

When it’s time for seeking mates, male birds use their brightly colored plumage to attract females.

The breeding season begins. Female birds build their nest that is made from multiple types of grass, and reeds, and marshy vegetation. They then lay eggs in and incubate them for around 14-16 days.

Watch the video of this striking bird below.

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