Glossy Jet Black Plumage With Golden Orange-Yellow Crown, The Regent Bowerbird Is Truly An Outstanding Bird

The Regent bowerbird is such a charismatic bird! Wearing a glossy jet black coat with a stunning golden orange-yellow crown on the head, this bird becomes conspicuous whenever it is.

The yellow eyes and yellow feathers on the wings also make these regent bowerbirds more eye-catching.

The Regent bowerbird is a sexually dimorphic bowerbird. It’s about 25 cm long when it’s grown up.

Unlike male birds that are described above, the females are brown with whitish or fawn markings, grey bill, black feet, and crown.

Regent bowerbirds are native to Australia. They inhabit the continents of eastern Australian rainforests and central Queensland to New South Wales.

This bird species feeds fruits, berries, and insects.

When the mating season starts, male regents will build bowers to attract the females. These bowers may be simple structures, ground clearings, for instance.

But these birds may also build more elaborate work like avenue-type bowers. They’re made from shells, seeds, leaves, and berries.

If female regents accept the bowers of their mates, they will decorate them with a muddy greyish blue or pea green “saliva paint” mixed in their mouths.

Like some other species, this bird mates with several females during the mating season but doesn’t join female birds in raising the chicks.

The male may end mating with up to several females and takes no part in raising young.

Watch the video of this striking bird below.

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