World’s biggest indoor theme park with 150,000 animals, a submarine and ‘storm simulator’

You no longer need to go out to sea to be engulfed in 10ft waves or experience what life is like inside a submarine under the surface of the ocean – head to the world’s biggest indoor theme park instead

Looks a bit different to your average UK theme park

The world’s largest indoor theme park comes complete with a submarine, storm simulator and 150,000 animals.

Dubbed “the Spaceship,” the astonishing attraction is formally titled the Chimelong Theme Park and is located in Zhuhai, China. Worth about £816million according to The Sun, it takes rainy days out to a whole new level.

Around 50,000 people cross its threshold every day, and it’s easy to see the appeal – the Spaceship looks like something out of a science-fiction film. With a massive glass ceiling and futuristic design, its nickname seems like a fair description.

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Despite opening last month the venue has already shattered seven world records and is one of the most expensive theme parks in the world. With ground coverage of around four million square feet, there is space for many worlds of entertainment – and that’s exactly what you’ll find.

There’s no shortage of animals housed in The Spaceship. Some aquatic critters live in an aquarium with 16,574,899 gallons of water spread across 38 tanks, with some able to create waves as large as 10.5ft.

There are orcas in the massive theme park

Among others the tanks play host to orcas and the aquarium also themed sections inspired by the cosmos and aliens. The amount of things squeezed in comes as little surprise though, given that it is 650m metres, or well over half a kilometre, long.

The frivolous nature of some of the attractions is otherworldly. The orca section is located in Chimelong Spaceship’s “Whale Universe” while 300 fish reside in a marine science museum.

The Spaceship has a huge aquarium

There are 15 themed zones inside the park and for thrill-seekers there’s even an underwater submarine ride called Deep Sea Submarine and a motion simulator attraction called Bermuda Storm.

There is also a huge array of restaurants and a 1,250-room hotel located behind in the 26-storey Chimelong Spaceship Hotel. There are also two theatres and three themed hotels – the Penguin Hotel, Circus Hotel, and Hengqin Bay Hotel.

Storm simulator

The Spaceship is just the second part of the Zhuhai Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort. A third section is expected to be completed in 2027, while the first section opened in 2014, meaning there are many more fun additions to be added.

In total, the attraction saw 10 million visitors flock to it last year alone.

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