Monster sheep dubbed XL Woolly ‘look like they’re on protein shakes’ and terrify internet

The UK is still reeling from a series of XL Bully attacks, and now its cowering citizens have been warned the breed’s sheep cousins could soon start flocking over

That's a rather large sheep (stock)

A breed of sheep that looks remarkably like an XL Bully has left the internet in a mixture of fear and hysterics.

The Texel is a breed of sheep native to the Netherlands, but people think it looks like the large dogs that have been grabbing headlines closer to home. The unusual-looking farm animal, with its bulky frame and square head, looks a lot like the undefined breed that has been terrorising the UK in recent months.

Like the XL Bully the sheep have long, bulky bodies and stumpy, short legs, much like a bodybuilder who has spent a lot of time training their upper half.

The texel is a serious bit of kit

This uncanny likeness has led one person on the social media platform X, formally known as Twitter, to make the rather charming joke the odd-looking sheep should be called an XL Woolley.

The post quickly went viral after another user shared four pictures of Texels with the caption: “Absolutely losing my s*** at this breed of sheep called texel sheep.”

What a magnificent beast (stock)

While Texel Bully also has a nice ring to it, people in the comments have been quick to note these sheep are pleasant creatures and have carried out fewer fatal attacks.

One commenter said: “We have a Texel tup (ram/boy sheep) called Thrusty Clappernuts. He is a Good Boy”. Others were less convinced. “I wouldn’t wanna mess with the XL Woolly Hard Crew,” one person said.

Texels are sweet really (stock)

One person got involved with the gym references, and commented: “I don’t know if they were this breed but walking around Castleton in the Peak District I saw sheep that looked like they’d been on the protein shakes.”

By contrast, XL Bullies in the UK don’t have such a good reputation. Last month Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced plans to outlaw the beasts following a disturbing “pattern of behaviour”.

If the ban comes into force they will be the fifth type of dog to be made illegal in the UK.

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