The three-legged elephant is full of energy, overcoming difficulties to survive in the natural world

Despite losing a leg, the female elephant still showed admirable energy when she was able to adapt and survive in the fierce natural world.

Vutomi is a famous female elephant in Zuka Nature Reserve (South Africa) because she only has three legs. It is not clear when Vutomi lost a leg, but many speculate that she may have been trapped by poachers or attacked by predators since childhood.

Despite losing a leg and possessing a typical heavy body of elephants, Vutomi still adapts to have a normal life and can survive in the harsh wild world. Vutomi has learned to do everything, such as move, find food, drink water, or swim across rivers, with only three legs.

Other members of the herd also play an important role in Vutomi’s survival, as it is fortunate to be welcomed and protected by the members of the herd.

Adult elephants usually have no enemies in the wild due to their advantages in appearance and strength. However, old or sick elephants can become targets of predators such as lions or hyenas.

Elephants are very herd and social animals. Elderly or sick elephants in the herd are often protected by other healthy adults. Similarly, baby elephants are protected by their mother and herd members against predators. The female elephants in the herd are ready to take care of and suckle their calves in case the mother gets sick or dies for some reason.

“Vutomi is lucky to be sheltered and protected by the members of her herd. Elephants always know how to protect the weaker individuals in the herd, such as the young, the old, the weak, or the sick,” Dylan said. Pons, an employee at the Zuka Nature Reserve, shared.

Animal experts advise that if you see injured or disabled wildlife, people should stay away and give these animals their own space, avoiding close contact can cause them to become more stressed.

Vutomi’s extraordinary life force has made this female elephant famous in the Zuka Nature Reserve and is well known there. Vutomi’s image is proof that no matter how harsh life is, with the will and support of fellow human beings, we can overcome it.

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