Incredible Waterspout in Florida’s Tampa Bay Caught on Camera While Making Landfall

It was a scene straight out of a science fiction movie when a massive waterspout erupted from Tampa Bay in Florida. Joey Mole was in his home when the towering spiral of water and air formed, stretching down from the clouds and sucking up water into the sky. Acting quickly, Mole grabbed his iPhone and captured stunning images and videos of the incredible waterspout phenomenon.

The massive waterspout before reaching land. Photo: Joey Mole

Mole’s dramatic shots immediately went viral after being shared on social media by meteorologists around the country. At first, some viewers questioned whether the images could be real or had been digitally altered. However, meteorologist Jesse Ferrell of analyzed the original photo data from Mole and concluded the images were almost certainly authentic, saying he was “95 percent sure of the photo’s authenticity.”

“When this happened, I was living at my parents house in Oldsmar, Florida, that backs up against Safety Harbor (Northernmost tip of Tampa Bay),” Mole told Earthy Mission. “We were watching a movie, winds were low and no rain. I looked out of the window and saw a small skinny waterspout to the southern side of the bay. Over time it built up into a thicker funnel.”

He caught it all on video:

Waterspouts are swirling columns of water and spray, created by a whirlwind over the sea or other large body of water. While waterspouts forming over bodies of water are not uncommon, it’s extremely rare for one of this intensity to come ashore. But this one did. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but the powerful vortex did cause extensive property damage in the area before finally dissipating.

Mole also captured the waterspout on video from his house while it was reaching land. Photo: Joey Mole

“When the funnel approached we hid inside the closet,” Mole shared with our readers. “Funny part is I was petitioning my father to let me go outside, but he was not having any of that, haha. It was my first waterspout experience, but it was very interesting to see and experience. The house two doors down had some shingles ripped off the roof and had their 20ft johnboat lifted out of the water and it settled on their back lawn.”

Here’s Mole’s video of the waterspout reaching their house:

Witnessing a waterspout of this magnitude is an extremely rare occurrence. Joey Mole’s quick thinking and smartphone photography allowed the world to see this incredible force of nature up close. While waterspouts can be captivating to observe from a safe distance, this event shows they can also be tremendously powerful and damaging when making landfall. Coastal residents should always heed emergency warnings during severe weather events.

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