Donkey can’t stop smiling after being rescued from flood

It’s true that animals can’t communicate with words in the same way we can, but that doesn’t mean they can’t express their feelings. Don’t believe me? Well, it’s enough to take a look at the adorable donkey in the footage below to change your opinion

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The helpless animal was caught up in a severe flooding, and was fighting for its life. Not many people think about this, but whenever there’s a flooding, animals are affected as well, not just their owners. And because rescuers are mostly focused on saving human lives first, the animals left behind are in danger of losing their lives.

Animal Haven Ireland

In all that chaos, every second counts. Fortunately, there are cases in which rescuers manage to save both the people and the animals they were forced to leave behind. The donkey in this video was one of those animals who were lucky enough to get rescued. All thanks to his owner and a rescue group.

Animal Haven Ireland

The animal’s owner called for help as he was powerless in front of nature’s wrath. He was watching the donkey struggling to make it to dry land. “Picture this,” the rescue group wrote on Facebook. “He was my last chance and phone call to beg for a boat. He listened and he drove down to meet me. I knew straight away he had the guts to do it. No negative attitude just come on girl we’ll give it a go. He braved such dangerous water to help us save him.”

The donkey is now alive thanks to a daring rescue operation that involved numerous risks. However, all the rescuers’ efforts paid off when they got to see the donkey’s grateful reaction. No words were needed – just look how happy he is after being rescued!

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