Water Gushes Out Of 150-Year-Old Mulberry Tree

The wonders of nature often leave us in awe. What lies beneath the ocean waters or the mysteries deep inside the Amazon forest are some of the things that are yet to be explored. Though we are amazed by man-made structures like the Great Wall of China, the Burj Khalifa, and the ancient Egyptian pyramids, Mother Nature herself created some of the most amazing places on Earth, infused with miraculous intricacies. On a similar note, a strange natural phenomenon captured on camera in Southern Europe has mind-boggled the masses. The video shows water coming out from the trunk of a 150-year-old Mulberry tree.

According to a report by BBC, the Mulberry tree is located in the village of Dinosa in Montenegro. Every year for a few days, water gushes out like a stream from the tree’s trunk presenting passersby beautiful scenery. Sharing the stunning phenomenon on X (formerly known as Twitter), a user explained. “There is an old mulberry tree approximately 150 years old in the village of Dinosa in Montenegro. This tree has been gushing water since the 1990s. It sits on underground streams and its hollows act as a relief valve for the pressure that builds up after heavy rainfall.” The video depicts the crystal clear water flowing out from a slice in the Mulberry tree’s bark, creating a pool below.

Explaining the cause of the natural wonder, a resident named Emir Hakramaj claimed, “There is a spring right under this tree. It travels to the tree top through the tree hollows and that’s how we get this beautiful and rare scene,” as cited by BBC. The reports added that the tree turns into a waterfall for only a couple of days before returning to its original state. “After the snow melts or following heavy rainfall, underground springs become flooded. Pressure forces water to rise up the tree’s roots which collects in its hollow trunk, until it reaches a gap to flow from,” the report concluded.

Impressed by the wonderful occurrence, social media users reacted to the post on X. While an individual called the phenomenon to be “really interesting” another quipped, “The tree releasing water like a natural guardian, is simply heartwarming. Nature’s resilience is remarkable.” “That’s a fascinating natural phenomenon! The adaptability of the old mulberry tree in Dinosa, Montenegro, showcases nature’s intricate ways of managing water flow,” wrote a user.

Spring that flows through a Living Tree!


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