Shimmering Multi-Colored Plumage, Curved Violet Tail, And Rich Blue Feet, Wilson’s bird-of-paradise Is Shining In Its Colony

Wilson’s bird-of-paradise is a stunningly beautiful bird. It rocks the world of birds with shimmering multi-colored plumage. Vivid scarlet back, brown wings, yellow mantle on the neck, and emerald green throat.

This striking passerine bird also wears a fluorescent blue cap with black double cross patterns, making it conspicuous wherever it is.

Additionally, it has charming curved violet tail feathers and rich blue feet. Such a dramatic bird!

Image Credits: Instagram / @priaprameshwara

There is a distinctive feature to recognize male and female Wilsons. While male birds have outstanding features above, females are brownish with a darker blue crown.

Image Credits: Instagram / @travelforanimals

This bird species is endemic to Indonesia. It can be found in hilly forested areas above 300 m in altitude in Waigeo and Batanta Islands off West Papua.

Wilson’s bird-of-paradise’s main diets are fruits and insects.

Image Credits: Instagram/@dustinchen0728

When the breeding season begins, male Wilsons perform an elaborate dance to attract their mates.

Image Credits: Doug Janson / CC BY-SA 3.0

After finding their partners, female birds start building their nests, lay eggs and incubate them. They will feed the hatchlings until they are fully-fledged.

Image Credits: Instagram/@dustinchen0728

Currently, Wilson’s bird-of-paradise is listed as a near threatened. There are three main causes of their decline, including the loss of habitat, small range, and overexploitation.

Image Credits: Instagram / @indoglobaltours

Image Credits: Instagram / @jmaxbarker75

You can watch the video of this outstanding bird below.

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