Meet Grandala Coelicolor, A Spectacular Bird With Spellbinding Blue Plumage

There are some insanely beautiful birds out there. They come in crazy colors that make us, humans, confused about whether they are real or not.

The spectacular Grandala Coelicolor is one of these birds. It’s favored a deep, rich, and spellbinding blue coat. This blue shade certainly grasps the eyes of anyone spotting them.

Actually, coelicolors are totally blue, except for their bill, eyes, and legs. I have never thought that dark blue and black could combine in such an amazing way. The plumage of these beautiful creatures strongly proves it and I can’t stop falling in love with them.

Unlike male birds that wear all features above, the females are brown with white streaks about the head and breast, with white bars on each wing.

Regarding their habitats, grandala coelicolors live in the mid to low altitudes of the Indian Subcontinent.

They inhabit the Himalayas in Bhutan, India, Nepal, as well as Tibet, and parts of China.

Coelicolors feed on insects, preferring catching them on the wing to hunting them on the ground. They also eat fruits and berries.

During the breeding season, from May through to July, these birds build their nest a ledge. Interestingly, this nest looks like a cup.

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