Enchanting Encounters: Unveiling the Mystical Northwest Trolls in North American Parks

The Northwest Trolls is a public art project created by the Scan Design Foundation, whose aim is to support Danish-American relations with a focus on environmental sustainability. The project is also known as NWTrolls: Way of the Bird King and it features six big hand-built troll sculptures made by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, famous for his sculptures made out of used materials.

The Northwest Trolls are also built with recycled and found materials. The project aims to celebrate the human experience of art by connecting the cultural heritage of Coast Salish tribal communities with Scandinavian folklore. The Nordic trolls are scattered around the Pacific Northwest as Dambo collaborated with the artists from the local tribes to ensure an artistic exchange between the creators and to protect the environment. Each of the trolls has a unique environmental story. They are all publicly accessible and they combine art and nature into an interactive public art form.

Here are the six trolls:

Jakob Two Trees

Jacob is located in Issaquah, Washington. He is also known as the Issaquah Troll and he is 4 meters tall.




Ole Bolle

The troll Ole Bolle lives in Portland. He is the first of the Northwest Trolls. His name comes from an old Danish troll song. Both Ole and the house are built with recycled wood.




Pia the Peacekeeper

She lives on Bainbridge Island, guarding the Sakai Park. She is 5 meters tall.



Bruun Idun

Bruun Idun is in West Seattle. She carries the adornments contributed by the Muckleshoot Tribe. She is playing a song for orcas with her flute.



Frankie Feetsplinters

Frankie lives in Ballard, guarding the Ballard’s National Nordic Museum.



Oscar the Bird King

Oscar is located in Vashon. He sits on his throne at the Pt. Robinson Park.




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