Thanks to the unique shapes of plants in nature, your imagination is heightened like never before.

Nature doesn’t care about what humans want; on the contrary, nature possesses a tremendous sense of humor that would make any comedian jealous.

Here are some examples that demonstrate how nature can create beyond our understanding and predictions:

“I feel like this tomato is trying to tell me something.”

“These flowers are so vibrant, just like those clowns in horror movies.”

“Fossilized sea lilies can be found in the rivers of England, and in the past, people believed they were coins from fairies.”

“This tomato with horns looks like the demon emoji on Facebook.”

“This is a white cauliflower, except it’s deep purple.”

“The Dead Sea is called the Dead Sea because the salt here is terrifyingly abundant.”

“This leaf has a shape that resembles the pixelation in digital graphic designs nowadays.”

“Can you imagine how big the feathers of an adult white-headed vulture can be?”

“The surreal scene of an evening sunset with a backdrop of the sky.”

“A close-up photo of an Eastern harvestman spider.”

“Do you see any resemblance in this flower to something else?”

“The rhythmic waves of a tree’s bark.”

“This leaf is twice the size of my wife!”

“A bizarre spider web on a discarded shoe.”

“A beautiful flower looks like a girl wearing a dress.”

“Endemic species to New Caledonia.”

“Photo Orchis italica by Jose Luis Calleiras”


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